Xitsavi – Fit for life Fit for work

The walks of life

The walks of life

Xitsavi Youth Project In 2004, the Valoyi Tribal Authority established the Valoyi Traditional Authority Trust, to enhance the social and economic well-being of poor communities in particular that of the young people of N`wamitwa communities in Tzaneen district. Within the VTA Trust we find the existence of the Xitsavi Youth Centre commenced on the 1st August 2009. The proposed project will address the key aspects of vulnerability of young people, with a focus on girls and young women in communities under the Valoyi Traditional Authority in Tzaneen, Limpopo province. The main purpose of the planned project is to replicate and test the viability and impact of the Fit for Life, Fit for Work model in poor rural communities in one of South Africa’s poorest provinces – Limpopo province under Greater Tzaneen Municipality. The impact of the project will be determined by Sexual Reproductive Health/HIV and livelihoods/employment outcomes. .

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

. To support the development and empowerment of young people, in particular girls and young women to address their social disadvantages; strengthen and support community leaders to address the problems of their communities; especially those facing young people; develop partnership within and outside of the province to ensure that the local and provincial governments pay attention to the needs of poor rural communities; and ensure that the Valoyi communities under its first female traditional chief is successfully governed and considerable progress recorded.

Our Vision

The test picture

The test picture

The vision of the Valoyi Traditional Trust is to transform the poor communities under Valoyi Authority in communities where ordinary people enjoy a reasonable quality of life, and wellbeing through the education, development, empowerment and livelihoods and enterprise creation

Combining the interest of replication, and need to respond to the social, cultural and economic barriers facing young people, the objectives of the project are as follows:
1. Replicate the Etafeni Trust – Fit for Life, Fit for Work model in a rural setting in Tzaneen district and evaluate its viability and success.
2. Train approximately 120 youths (70% of them female) in life and work skills annually
3. Develop local capacity to implement and monitor the Fit for Life, Fit for Work project in Tzaneen district.
4. Facilitate the placement of trained youths in a variety of economic activities, or provide opportunities for further education.
5. Assess and document lessons in replication the Fit for Life, Fit for Work model in a rural setting.
6. assess the results of the pilot project in a rural setting and share lessons with the Etafeni project and stakeholders, including the local and provincial governments
7. Mobilize additional resources to strengthen the project and leverage resources from the Ford Foundation.

Legal Documentation

Legal name of organization:        The Valoyi Traditional Authority Trust

  1. Registration number:                    IT 8238/04
  2. Year organization was founded:  2004
  3. Total amount of the organization’s current annual budget : $200,000

Key Trustees and Contact People  Chairperson of the Valoyi Traditional Authority Trust:      Hosi Tinyiko Nwamitwa      Email: hosinwamitwa@nwamitwa.org.za      Phone:   +27 15 312 0011      Mobile:   +27 83 440 5112      Fax:       +27 15 312 0011

  1. Trustee with financial management portfolio:

Machechisi Ben Shipalana Email: nukus@telkomsa.net      Phone: +27 15 303 0745      Mobile: +27 76 2978719      Fax:     +27 15 3030745

  1. Advisor

Stephanie Kilroe, Development Manager, Etafeni Trust Email: stephanie@intermail.co.za Phone: +27 21 689 6971 Mobile: +27 82 4621082 Fax:     +27 21 685 6690

  1. Auditor:

D’Arcy-Herrman & Co Chartered Accountants, Tzaneen Email:    mail@dah.co.za Phone:  +27 15 307 1161
Fax:      +27 86 624 7002



Tinyiko Nwamitwa Chairperson Hosi
Hlamalani Nelly Manzini Deputy Chair Director General, Limpopo
Beatrice Tsakani Nkambule Secretary Business woman
Machechisi Ben Shipalana Treasurer Chairperson, Royal Council
Mahwahwa Crown Nwamitwa Member Induna
Matthews Tinyiko Nwamitwa Member Councillor
Mbizana Walter Mbhalati Member Deputy Hosi
Sayina Bassie Ngobeni Member Community leader
Stone Giya Ngobeni Member Councillor
Gaza Edney Ntimbane Member Community leader
Fanisa Guster Risaba Member Royal family member
Muswazi Lunch Maweni Member Induna
John Khambomuni Ngobeni Member Civic Association member
Solly Samson Nwamwitwa Member Chief induna





1. Objectives


• To help the learners to find jobs and be placed on payment jobs

• To enhance their personal skills positive thinking, self confidence, self esteem and self acceptance

• To capacitate youth on job related skills like driving and computer literacy

• To empower them through English classes: – how to conduct himself/herself during interviews and – good way of writing a CV – encourage them to read and speak the language


2. successes

Fit for Life o 60 learners graduated from Life Coping Skills o 15 learners are on payment fishing project o 03 learners are furthering their studies at tertiary level o 02 learners on payment jobs at SANDF and internship bookkeeper at West-falia outside Tzaneen Fit for Work o 13 learners on basic computer training o 06 learners helped to get their drivers licenses o 02 learners helped to start their small businesses( self employed )as a hairdresser and a welder


3. Aqua-culture Fishing Project


• This is the second pilot project for The Valoyi Traditional Authority Trust.

• Initiated by Patrick Kilroe from Cape Town who is in partnership with the Department of Agriculture provincially and Tzaneen district as well as the University of Limpopo.

• Basically the project has 15 learners who graduated from Life Coping Skills, who are getting further training for two weeks at Ntompie Seleka the Agriculture college at the province

• The project will be benefiting the Valoyi Communities where the production will be implemented at the Muswazi Dam, the East site of N`wamitwa headkraal, at Nkambako village, under headman Maweni


4. Partnership


• Public Works Municipalities

• Department of Labour Traffic Department


• ABSA Bank

• Department of Health and Welfare

• Department of Social Development

• Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE)

• Local churches

• Local Schools

• Farmers


Fit for Life & Fit for work
Skills Training for Matric (Unseccussful Students)
Hiv Aids Treatment (ARV’s Distributions)
Orphans Bursuries


Contact Us

Telfax: +27 – 15 – 312 0039
Mobile: +27 – 83 440 5112
After Hours: +27 – 83 440 5112
E-mail: hosinwamitwa@nwamitwa.org.za
Address: PO Box 1, Nwamitwa 0871, Limpopo Province, South Africa