Hosi Nwamitwa

Hosi Nwamitwa

The appointment of Hosi T.L.P Nwamitwa II in 2002 was characterized by a struggle of succession to the throne. Customarily it was a taboo for a female to rule a clan. It was a prerogative of the male primogeniture. Court cases ensued and culminated at the Constitutional court in 2008 where the principles of human rights enshrined in the Constitution were observed and the rule of democracy was fulfilled. She became the first woman of the Vatsonga nation to become a ruler. A historic event indeed.

The Constitutional Court gave a ruling on Wednesday, 4th June 2008, that Tinyiko Lwandlamuni Phillia N’wamitwa is the Senior Traditional Leader / Hosi of the Valoyi (N’wamitwa) people of the community near Tzaneen in Limpopo.

Hosi N’wamitwa II is a South African woman, who has been going through a lengthy court challenges preferred against her by a member of the royal family, whose claim was mainly that she should not be allowed to reign because she is a woman.

This ruling upholds the decision of the royal family and people of N’wamitwa, further to strengthen the customary position that it is the royal family has the responsibility and authority to confirm Traditional leaders according to the Traditional customary rules of succession.

The ruling is a direct reversal of the Apartheid-created rule of male primogeniture in traditional leadership succession, which used to prescribe that only male descendants of Traditional leaders were entitled to inherit the throne of leadership, a practice which most of the Vatsonga / Machangana people embraced as a sacred position.

The ruling is a confirmation that our democracy restores the dignity and status of women as citizens of no less value to male citizens and affirms that our tradition is respected to the end.

  • Even before ascending the throne, Hosi N’wamitwa II was involved in many other non-governmental organizations specifically those involving women of all races in South Africa.
  • Educationally, Hosi N’wamitwa is a post graduate of the University of South Africa and a former Inspector of Education.
  • In the 1990’s she became involved in politics and took part in the multi-party negotiations at Kempton Park and eventually became an ANC member of Parliament for fifteen (15) years (1994 – 2009).

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  1. Anonymous

    Gradges will never take people to another levels,so people need to grow not to keep Loosing…something seriously and important we need to Fix it like Really…to Kill is not a Solution but to Save people’s must be a solution-:Shalom i am a dreamer King the prince of peace so in Love with Nwamitwa,without me you can keep fighting but you know it,Leswi swi tsariweke matilweni nile misaveni swita tiveka,holy and holy Love and peace

  2. Anonymous

    Gradges will never take people to another levels,so people need to grow not to keep Loosing…something seriously and important we need to Fix it like Really…to Kill is not a Solution but to Save people’s must be a solution-:Shalom

  3. Chatwell Nkuna

    I Stands For womans to Lead but when things are not Going well,the womans power shall be released,what people do they also know how to Destroy.”ANC” destroy many people’s Life “Chao” will never help people from the Land,ya Nwamitwa is too much Rich…..To be a great Leader doesn’t need higher certification but Love to People

  4. Aliphios Mokwena

    Your busy building a lot of houses no tshika ku endla leswaku tiko ri Kula,meh ani voni koka wa leswi swindluwaka….like Khalalanga lounge hiku no promoter ku vanhu vathlanya mi miti ya vanhu Nooo…..aswi laveka……Come up with new plans not waswi yindlani….loko a kulo ndliwa Complex atleast.

  5. wisani calvin mathebula

    hina eka nwamitwa hi lava xikontiri xo suka efour ya post office ku ya fika eka patu ro ya tzaneen via mandlhakazi ku ya eduiwelskloof hi nga khensa ngopfu ku fana na leswi xitediyamu xi Akiwaka inkomu ndhavezitha lwandlamuni phillia nwamitwa shilubana

  6. Mkansi Masingita

    eka hosi n’wamitwa ll hikombela mi yima hi milenge mihi lungisela mhaka yavu hosi nkulu bya matsonga machangani hina matsonga swilo SWA hina swi salele dzaku na swona swi delerisa hiti xaka ti n’wani #king ya matsonga ya laveka before 2017 end

  7. SirDave

    Xikombelo xamina iku vuhosi bya kaN’wintwa a byi endle himatimba leswaku switlhokovetselo swa Ka Mathebula- Valoyi switsariwa kahle no landzelerisiwa hivukheta. We need to be able to know who are the founding father of this clan?

  8. Anonymous

    Ha mikhensa kambe xivilelo nmi angarhela munguni ahi tekela tiko.mi hi vitana machangana.

  9. one and one clereance mamitwa

    Let be buntu guys nwamitwa is are good village with are good hosi nwamitwa 2. today nwamitwa is on map becouse her keep doing

  10. one and one clereance mamitwa

    ntirho wa hosi iku vona leswaku tiko ri kahle kumbe no!!

  11. Clereance mamitwa

    hi tsake swinene loko hitava ni hosi ya wa nsati hita vona hi rhambu loko ritsoveka

  12. Clereance

    mina ndzirhandza ku khensa hosi nwamitwa tiko ra hina rive ni njombo swinene


    Khomisani sweswo hosi nwamitwa mikulisa. Xitsonga. Mhani nitwa nitsaka swinene manana wamina

  14. Louisnkwinika

    ka khulu loko va VUKOSI byaka valoyi a mo endla xikontiri xo suka ka nwamitwa via mandhlakazi kuya a dearpark

  15. Louisnkwinika

    ka nwamitwa kaya, BALOYI loko ava convert taxi rank mi endla mini mall ku saseka ka swona

  16. tsundzukani shibambo

    eka n’wamitwa hile kaya,hosi phillia wahi rhandza u tlhele ahi rhendzela hi tintshava na minkova…va jamba na ha n’wanedzi leee,eka n’wamitwa e shongani hile kaya

  17. sesana gladys seleise

    As a leaders of our place .we as a school children of place, we as u to build as a libraries at our schools , so that, we can get a better education not to go far from home in order to study. Please our good leader.

  18. Elia Nkuna

    Vukorhokerhi hile byinene eka N’wamitwa kaya! Swikolo swamanyunyu, Titliliniki, Xikontiri, na Vuhlayiseki hile swinene! Hina N’wamitwa Day! laha hi tlangelaka tiko rerhu

  19. Bheki Valoyi

    I am very excited I have located the historical background of our clan. Our father came from Maputo to SA as an Evangelist and we were born in SA and never had the privilege of tracing back our origins. I would very much like to follow updates on this website.

    Hail to our Hosi N’wamitwa II, we love you!!!

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