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  1. Hlengani Samuel Baloyi

    I one person who always want to know and learn. After learning I teach youth and those who don’t know our African origin and ways of doing things in an African way. I like this type of our background writing but we need to teach this type of history to our youth in from primary schools etc. Keep it up, this is a job well done.

  2. Steven Tendai Valoyi

    Evening im Steven Valoyi, second son of Simon Valoyi, i would love to know more of my lineage. My baba changed our last name from valoy and added the ‘i’, but i did ask where we are from, my grandmother whose last name is Mpofu said we derive from mozambique because that is where my Grandfather is born and raised Simon Valoy. My father also said we are shaggan who decended frrom the tsonga. i recently found information linking the begining of my family to central/east africa (which could explain why ethoipians mistake me for been Ethopian ), and we migrated down to the an area near mozambique but our tribe was separated with some beentaken to lesotho,and the limpopo river some remained on the zambezi river and some also pushing more down the zambezi river to kariba,.and our totem is wizardry as some believe valoyi is the anciant name for muroyi

    im not sure its accurate but i would love to learn alot more about myself and my lineage your response would be maganificent,
    PS sorry for the typos and grammer error

  3. Thato Tshabalala Baloyi

    Greetings, I’m a son of the Baloyi clan. I’d like to know more about my lineage and how far we’ve come as a people. I have a few questions:

    Are the Baloyi clan of royal blood?
    What initiatives are being put in place to redress the imbalances of the past?

    Your response will be gladly appreciated.

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