1. Central Africa – 1499 – 1647
  2. East Africa – Mozambique  – 1647 – 1820
  3. Northern Transvaal (Limpopo) – 1820 – 2009
  1. The history of the Valoyi clan can only be traced from 1499 when the Arabs invaded Central Africa to ply their trade. This group could not withstand this pressure of traders and decided to migrate to the East along the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers. Their rulers were many and among them were Nteha and Xitsavi. Nchangameri and Nxolwana and their children remained in the present Zimbabwe. These names of the great leaders are today engraved on the great marble plaques of the Zimbabwe ruins. The nest of the group reached Indian Ocean in the east and settled in Mozambique and named their new territory Vutsonga.
  2. 1647 – 1820 in Vutsonga in Mozambique

The history of Valoyi clan in Mozambique during this period was documented by the Swiss Missionaries viz Dr A.A Jacques.

In 1647 Xihlomulo was the ruler of the Valoyi clan until 1785 when he was succeeded by his son Mbhekwana. This clan enjoyed their stay in Mozambique until the Zulu impis from the South (Kwazulu-Natal) came up and attacked them. Soshangana and Manukosi were the two Zulu Chiefs / warriors who forced the second migration of the Valoyi clan to the west (Northern Transvaal – Limpopo)

Mbhekwana had his military leaders in the persons of N’wamitwa, Nwakhada, N’waxihuku, N’wavucenje, Mavokweni and Mivurhu. They moved westwards until they reached the confluence of the Rivubye (Levubu) and the Vembe (Limpopo) rivers. To the north of this spot had settled the clan named Vanwanati (Maluleke).

  1. The Valoyi clan in the Northern Transvaal 1820 – to date
  1. The Valoyi clan moved further to the west and settled at a place east of the present town of Tzaneen. Their settlements stretched from Tzaneen to the present farms termed Constantia.
  2. After the 1914 – 1981 world war I, these people were moved forcefully by the apartheid regime to the present settlement called N’wamitwa’s location.

N’wamitwa bought additional farms to settle his people viz Nkambako, Runnymede, Meadowbank and N’wamungololo.

  1. The Chiefs / rulers during this period are summarized below
  1. 1820 – 1919 N’wamitwa
  2. 1919 – 1922 Mahwahwa
  3. 1922 – 1931 Mahlabezulu
  4. 1931 – 1948 Rufus (regent)
  5. 1948 – 1968 Fofoza
  6. 1968 – 2001 Richard (regent)
  7. 2002 – to date (T.L.P N’wamitwa II)
    The appointment of Hosi T.L.P N’wamitwa II in 2002 was characterized by a struggle of succession to the throne. Customarily it was a taboo for a female to rule a clan. It was a prerogative of the male primogeniture. Court cases ensued and  culminated at the Constitutional court in 2008 where the principles of human rights enshrined in the Constitution were observed and the rule of democracy was fulfilled. She became the first woman of the Vatsonga nation to become a ruler. A historic event indeed.

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  1. Ronnie Mukhuwani Mathebula( Baloyi)

    Ka post ya Patrick Ntuli: Mina ni Ronny(Mukhuwani) Mathebula(Baloyi)…ni nwana Mzamani, wa Mbedle, wa Mukhuwani, wa Xingema, wa Gilukhulu Changamire, Mpofixihongo, wa Mpondozayo.
    Look at that lineage. Can someone help with a further link from Mpondozayo backwards.

  2. ambrose moyo

    Guys i do understand as we are brothers iam a moyo of Mambo clan born in zimbabwe,i also need to connect to brothers across the river or borders,i see that there is no difference between our history its only how its being told,m a descendent of Mambo Changamire Dombo,also coming under chief tjibundule.

  3. SenzEni Constance Ngobeni

    I am very much proud to be a Mathebula until now that my brother told me to Google it.Sweswi nikombela kudos nyikiwa swiphato swakaMathebula.Ntukulu waMakome

  4. Rhandzani

    Avuxeni vamakwerhu,

    Ndzi titwa ndzi ri wa nkoka ngopfu ku va n’wa-Mathebula no tiva hi ta ndavuko wa mina laha ni humaka kona.
    inkomu ma xaka ya mina.

    i am very proud to be a Mathebula.
    Please assist with the complete Mathebula clan Praises.

  5. Mr MJ Mathebula

    N/B: This comment was not proofread

    Quoting from: Jeffrey Madanci Xidlavuta Changamire Baloyi (date and time: 04.15.2017 AT 10:19 AM):

    The Vakalanga. Barodzwi.Balozi.Baloyi. Mathebula. Makaringe. Mukansi.Xilowa.Xitsavi.Gwamba.Valobedu of Mudjadji. Valoyi of Mamotwa. Mathebula of Makhuva,Magulasavi and Xiphuxa are all the Vatsonga or Barodzwi. This are Clan names we are all Barodzwi who descend from Mambo Changamire Dombo. The Balobedu are also Barodzwi who are an ofshoot like Valoyi of mamitwa and Mathebula of makhuva. The people in Valdezia. RiverPlaats and Bungeni are also Balozi remember before maps were defined the territory from the Zimbabwe Plateau to the shores of Mozambique was the territory of Mambo Changamire Dombo. The Barodzi are not Shangaan or Machangana we are Vatsonga and hence we speak the xitsonga language. Machangan or Shangaan are Zulu people who have adopted the Tsonga traditions, Customs and language and they come from the South and we Vatsonga come from the North from the time of Hannibal Barca where the name Bakalanga came from.

    Unquote… Personally I think that as much as history is important and relevant to our being, we however and will never know the truth as we wish to know about it because like the Bible and et cetera “there’s high chances that the more we seek for the truth, the more these information will be edited to suit other people’s interests (as they will like their’s to be heard most).

    We however by all means possible must shy-away from such tendencies. by we I mean all Barodzwi who descend from Mambo Changamire Dombo. We must ask ourselves the following:

    1) are the current generation of the Rodzwi’s going to eat history?

    2) will history unite all the Rodzwi’s and how?

    3) ourselves, what are we doing to push for unity of the Rodzwi’s as the current generation, thus, to impact positively the Rodzwi future generations?

    4) how can we incapacitate ourselves to ensure that the Rodzwi’s socio-economic state stands firm for as long as planet earth is still of existence?

    What should be the forward my Rodzwi nation? I therefore call for the BaRodzwi Convention and can start with a small number and grow in the years to come, yet the purpose will be to unite and become one again, also to underpin our Rodzwi members’ socio-economic background.

    We must also thank the Rodzwi’s who have started this platform.

    Thank you and warm regards,
    Mr MJ Mathebula
    Cell: 071 – 269 -5756
    (available on What’s app)

  6. Terry Baloyi

    Nakhensa kutiva ku nihuma kwini,hiku anotiva ku niu nwana,mavhayisi wa risimati wa xihlomulo wa pikinini wa juvisa,hambi leswi pikini na juvisa vangaha kotangi ku tiva mata vona,marha swivulaku papa xihlomulo akuri pikinini


    Root vutsonga comes south vunyayi. Emmanuel Jesus Christ refers to us as salt of the world or earth.Adamu king munhumutapa was created by Xikwembu out minerals of the earth. Dzunga means bitter like salt or fight .struggle or war hence word like amari,AMERI.MARIYAH OR OMAR. CHANGAMERI OR CHINGAMIRE MEANS MAMBO KING WITH IMPERIAL AUTHORITY TO DECLARE WAR OR STOP WAR. Tonga means judge in kalanga . THE GROUND has the element of thinking capacity called mende or mentis mianakanyo.when the ground or land is healed or sane it becomes a productive subconscious mind.Chronicles 7v14 says come back to me called by my name and will heal the land you live in.Cow represents celestial heavenly economy or currency-remember RastaPharoah ‘s dream of lean and fat cows. Kara means heifer or cow in Arabic.It symbolises wealth or mammon.Humanity must enter into employment contract with EL SHADDAI THE ALL-SUFFICIENT ONE to access the remuneration of mammon or wealth from JAH.Ndzi LOYI NDZI NGA LOYI ANGA YENA.IAM WHO IAM. YAHWEH EL ROI-EYEH ASHER EYEH(FIRST PERSON SINGULAR.MALIK OR MELEK IS KINGHOOD DRAWN FROM MILK COW OF KANANA.SPIRIT OF GRACE IS CALLED KUHANANA OR KANANA IN TONGA OR KARANGA LANGUAGE SPOKEN BY SUDANESE KINGS OF ISRAEL LIKE DAVID AND SOLOMON.



  9. Murimisi Baloyi

    Valoyi Vakalanga ndzi ba mandla ndzi vuyelela eka nwina ku hi pfula mahlo.
    Yanani emahlweni ku lavisisa, xikanwe no dyondzisa lavantshwa matimu ya
    hina va ka Valoyi

  10. thabo mathebula

    Butie may u plz assist me with the full clan/praise name for mathebula, as I only know the begging of it, n I’m interested to ful know it plz

  11. Dumisani

    Why didn’t your people fight back? Being bullied by Arabs, then the Zulu’s? No man, yeses.

  12. pat valoyi

    To patrick ntuli, my grand father was daniel ntshuxi wa matoya wa navani wa xirhungulwani……your surname is an errar. Ntshuxi is the name of their grand grand father which was a chief in zimbabwe, but his surname is valoyi

  13. Patrick Ntuli

    Kokwana wa papa mina loyi a va ku i Masunge wa Ntshuxi wa Matoya wa Navani wa Rimbale wa Nhongoti wa Gilukhulu wa Ncangameri wa Xirimbi xikhulu xa vanyani ari Valoyi (epasini). Pfunani hambi mi ri n’wina Vantshuxi, i mani a hi nikeke xivongo xa ka Ntuli.

  14. Tshikani Dennis Valoyi

    Xewani vamakwerhu.imhaka ya kahle swinene kuhlaya hi xivongo xaka hina xikanwe na Matimu ya hina.nidyondze swikulu swinene eka papila leri niri hlayeke.nikuma swiri kahle.

  15. Mandla Mathebula

    Something else I need to add, other than being good medicine people, we were the bravest of warriors, for an example, there would be no Dlamini Kingship in Swaziland without the Matsebula’s, that is why the King’s first wife has to be a Matsebula. In Barberton, 44 km from Mbombela/Nelspruit, one of our greatest leaders (Dlova) was laid to rest in the Makhonjwa mountains, a white man’s version of “Intsaba kayikhonjwa” which means a mountain that you cannot or should not point at because you will disturb a great person!!!

  16. Mandla Mathebula

    Sanibonani bo Matsebula. I am reading this with keen interest brother Jeffrey because I see you making reference to Makhuva. We were told growing up, from the Swati section of the Matsebula clan that we can’t marry a Baloyi because we are brothers and sisters and that we are Tfongas and that we originate from Makhubu, see the resemblance with Makhuva and he settled in a Place called Magudu which is almost on the border line of present day South Africa, Mocambique and Swaziland. In case you are not aware, this Tfonga nation (pardon my use of the SiSwati language) still exists around Magudu, Kwanganase and Ngwavuma. Now this Makhubu apparently had for sons; Masina, Matsebula, Tsabetse and Mavimbela who also had their sons Mabizela and Ngwenyama (meaning Lion, reference to our Royalty status). After investigating the Mathebula history, i can safely surmise that we are one big family, somewhere our family split into 2 groups, the Valoyi/Baloyi as you call them in Xitsonga who probably went through Zimbabwe before settling in the North and the Matsebula as we know them in SiSwati, who went past Mocambique, settled in Magudu but ultimately moved into Swaziland and present day Mpumalanga. I also noticed that you say Gilukhulu and we say Golokhulu, I am not sure if it means the same thing. And on the praise name, you say “ncila vaololi, ku olola banswati ndlini” , excuse my spelling, we also say the same line in the Siswati praise “sibetfubetfu lesashaya bafati ngendvuku bayobayoba” and it means the same thing. Again, Mathebula is loosely translated to mean, “the one who is so good in African medicine that he turned someone into a zombie, and Baloyi was then born instead of Valoyi. There are 3 dominant features on the appearance of the Matsebula descendants which my grandfather told me to look for; 1. the hair-line, most of us have a hairline that exposes our forehead and temple, 2. we have ugly noises, 3. we have a funny walk, what people mostly informally refer to as kiss-kiss. In case you have not paid attention to these features, please do and you will be amazed. Moreover, my name is Mandla Mathebula and you will notice that it is a very common but special name on both sides and my grandfather used to tell me that one of our forefathers had a similar name but spelt differently, in Swahili I presume. My number is 083-861-9435 / 082-362-0029.

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  18. collen....hosi chali

    hi to every african?i would lyk to emphasize something;im magoda;which relates to kwa-magoda,richmond.who left thier birthplace b4 shaka (mthethwa)*zulu became to power or b4 zulu land rulers.soo im nor zulu or tsonga…one more interestingly;they also left rikhotso land after when shaka’s induna flet his brutality.they left until they settled at spelekon(bungeni)….my mvelaphi only shows me dat im nor shangaan too;bt a nguni………….sooo;baloyi i think are kalanga nor tsongas.wen i apply my knowledge properly;tsonga a ndawus.soo nguni;kalanga and clans dat dont relate to ndawu,u r invaders to tsonga’s empire.

  19. Eric Desmond Baloyi

    its very interesting that the baloyi clan is so broad and large and lay abroad in a context that its interpretation causes difficulty in finding a common ground and really as a matter of fact we do have a very interesting surname is that is superb and it’s really prevailing and showing that we born as king. Thanks alot you can add me to the group in Tzaneen Ka Modjadji in Bolobedu South

  20. Jeffrey Madanci Xidlavuta Changamire Baloyi

    Remember Hahani phelia Mamitwa cannot be referred as a Mambo she is not Queen of the Barodzwi but Chief of the Valoyi vaka Mamitwa clan. She doesnt rule all tsonga people or all Barodzwi she rules only Valoyi vaka Mamitwa and is confined there so we need not worry why a woman should preside over a clan it is her birthright as Chief of mamitwa not King or Queen of the Barodzwi. A king/Mambo presides over a group of chiefs and indunas.

  21. Jeffrey Madanci Xidlavuta Changamire Baloyi

    Xitsavi is one of the great kings of the Barodzwi. We have Changamire the founder of the Barodzwi then his children being Gwamba,Gilukhulu,Xitsavi,Makhuva.Nteha,Nxolwana.Mukansi,Maringa, Makaringe,Xilowa and Marivate. They are all Barodzwi who have sometimes used the surname Baloyi or Mathebula but have prefered thair clan names.

  22. Jeffrey Madanci Xidlavuta Changamire Baloyi

    mercy mkansi you are indeed A Rodzwi. Mukansi is one of the descendents of Changamire Dombo of the Barodzwi, Balozi tribe. You are called Mkansi because you are a clan of Mukansi of the Barodzwi tribe whose surname is Baloyi/Mathebula and have over the years used the clan name Mukansi as a surname. You are not Shangaan or Muchangana you are Mutsonga and your language is Xitsonga.

  23. Jeffrey Madanci Xidlavuta Changamire Baloyi

    Makaringe, Maringa, Marivate and Mukansi i Varodzwi. Take not the surname Baloyi is derived from the Khalanga Word Barodzwi. The different surnames we have used to be names of the Children of Mambo Changamire Dombo. Then they became clans in their own right and were given a reign in their own clans and followers. The Valoyi Clan, Clan of Makhuva if you check all this clans have a common surname being Baloyi or Mathebula. Maringa Makaringe Xilowa all mean the same thing as Baloyi and Mathebula which is a misnomer meaning kuloya which is a wrong translation and translitteration of our surname. what it means is Barodzwi or people of Rozwi who are of Khalanga descent. Xitsavi. Gilikhulu.Gwamba and all those important Rodzwi names are all of Royal descent but take note we have a greathouse and smaller houses or a ruling Dynasty. Unfortunately our History was recorded by Europeans who failed to chronologically state all the names of the Children of Mambo Changamire Dombo and his defeat by the Ndebele impis of Mzilikazi meant that we were scattered and could not regroup again as one big Rodzwi tribe.

  24. Jeffrey Madanci Xidlavuta Changamire Baloyi

    Akani Baloyi my number is 0765574821 you can add me on the Whatsup group

  25. Jeffrey Madanci Xidlavuta Changamire Baloyi

    The Vakalanga. Barodzwi.Balozi.Baloyi. Mathebula. Makaringe. Mukansi.Xilowa.Xitsavi.Gwamba.Valobedu of Mudjadji. Valoyi of Mamotwa. Mathebula of Makhuva,Magulasavi and Xiphuxa are all the Vatsonga or Barodzwi. This are Clan names we are all Barodzwi who descend from Mambo Changamire Dombo. The Balobedu are also Barodzwi who are an ofshoot like Valoyi of mamitwa and Mathebula of makhuva. The people in Valdezia. RiverPlaats and Bungeni are also Balozi remember before maps were defined the territory from the Zimbabwe Plateau to the shores of Mozambique was the territory of Mambo Changamire Dombo. The Barodzi are not Shangaan or Machangana we are Vatsonga and hence we speak the xitsonga language. Machangan or Shangaan are Zulu people who have adopted the Tsonga traditions, Customs and language and they come from the South and we Vatsonga come from the North from the time of Hannibal Barca where the name Bakalanga came from.

  26. Akani Baloyi

    I think we can create a group chat ka whats-app hi kota ku aka vuxaka no kurisa xivongo lexi xaka hina le swa ku xi nga hi lahlekeli vama kwerhu …… Nikombela mi senda ti contact ta nwina nimi adda ka group?

  27. Anonymous

    History ya Valoyi Clan yina swivutiso swa tala ngopfu, this one was cocked by the best chef to accamodate certain families .

    its not correct was what is stated here. can someone came forward and tell Us the truth.

  28. Dennis Baloyi

    Kuna va ka maringa they are not stated so as far as I know they are the Baloyi most of them va ala leswaku I va khalanga va ka valoyi help there please

  29. Tumi Mokwena

    I’m trying to research about the generation of Valoyi…….Eish swiswa koho awu kumi swiswa tiyiso ok tell me Vukosi lebyi I byaka mani strait hiku wunwan u ysju byela swinwan wu nwani a ku byela swinwan…..anyone loyi a ngana information

  30. lotrick xitsavi

    Vaka Mbhandha-nhloko navona vaka Xitsavi mathebula ..nwina mitivaka hivona ..hihlamuseleni nyana hivona .hotwa kuri navona iti hosi.

  31. mercy mkansi

    I was raised in joburg ,am a proud Tsonga / shangaan but don’t know anything about my culture , but I was told that the mkansi’s are related to the baloyi’s and mathebulas I would be very excited if anyone can explain to me how they are the same people.

  32. Jeffrey Madanci Changamore Baloyi

    Ouma mina andzi vangi vuhosi byaka Nwamitwa andzi weli eka nyimba ya Valoyi clan. I am from the Barodzwi tribe which means ndzi tumbuluka eka nyimba ya Changamire Dombo ndzi direct descendent ya Changamire. From Central Africa Nyimba ya Changamire after defeating Arabs and recognised as the Emir of the Barodzwi Changamire is made up of two words being Emir or King or Ruler in Arabic and Changa being the name used by Dombo Baloyi ant the time and became Changamire being EmirChanga. Further we are not Changaan we are real Tsonga Tribe from the house of Hannibal Barca hence the name Bakalanga which if its singular is Khalanga. The Barodzwi of Changamire are not Valoyi vaka Nwamitwa. The Mathebula of Makhuva are directly descendent to Vakalanga and are an offshoot of the Children of Changamire. So we are not bpthered about the acsendence into Kingship of Hahani Lwandlamuni Phelia Nkuna born Valoyi. Our Dynasties took different paths I am from the Dymnasty of Gulukhulu. Xtsavi and Gwamba all descendents of Changamire Dombo who is a descendent of Hannibal Barca

  33. clerance baloxi

    guys but swa mina swa vava a ndzi tivi maxaka yo tala ya hala kava papa ndzo tiva hahani na papa ntsongo ntsena…xi vangela xa leswi ku nga leswi,, papa wa papa mina u love vahari vatsongo i vi manan wa papa a suka e ka baloyo and mind you kokwana a lovorile,manje stress lexi a xi suki la ka mina pfunani guys,, kokwana tatana wa papa ari Rinos boyi baloyi anga tswala solomon madzivana ku nga tatana wa mina,, khale vari a vatsama e banana nkowankowa … Swo vava na sira ra vona a vari tivi lava kulu..loko nitwa vari ri le vanga aka bindzulani so if eka family ya wena kuna vanhu lava vange i,, boyi,madzivana, contact me on 0713041488

  34. Jeffrey Madanci Xidlavuta Changamire Baloyi

    The Barodzwi or Baloyi do not praise Nxumalo or Mxumayo loko hi tiphata vaka Nxumayo/Nxumalo i machangana vatukulu va nghunghunyane. Hina we are not even close to Machangana. Machangana come from the South and are Zulus who have adopted tsonga langauge tradition and customs.

  35. Jeffrey Madanci Xidlavuta Changamire Baloyi

    The Barodzwi/Baloyi/Valoyi/Makaringe/Xilowa/Xitsavi/Maringa/ Marivate are Tsonga speaking Khalanga Clan of Changamire Dombo founder Of The Balozi and they hail from present day Zimbabwe Plateau. The Ndebele of Mzilikazi ka Mashobane and The Shona found the Barodzwi in Zimbabwe and the Barodzwi/Vatsonga were never subjugated but only defeated in a war and they started trekking further south and East into Mozambique and Northern Transvaal.

  36. David Geoffrey Baloyi

    Am yet to learn the language. Need to teach my kids. Am in great need of help. I have to learn the language

  37. David Geoffrey Baloyi

    Thank God. Am now happy to know where and with whom I belong.

  38. Ncilavaloli

    Ni dyondze swotala from this dialogue. I know where to begin my research now

  39. Jeffrey Madanci Xidlavuta Changamire Baloyi

    The Barodzwi are not Shangaan or Changana i vatsonga Changamire Dombo i Mutsonga Khalanga langa sungula Ndyangu lowu. Hosi hi Xitsonga I Mambo Rito Khanimambo rifana na Ndhabezitha ku nga Mazulu. Nghanakana is what we call a prince,duke or Lord. Gwambe i nwana wa Changamire kumbe Ncangamela. Hakunene the Barodzwi originate from Zimbabwe under Changamire Dombo who built Dlhodhlo.

  40. Mhlava Patrick Baloyi

    Hina vaka Baloyi hi lahlekile hi nga pfumela ka njhani ku wansati a teka vuhosi, vuhosi a byi tluli nambu lebya hina byi tlurile byi ya e ka Nkuna is this a democracy or a Domocracy pfunani we are undersierge.

  41. Anonymous

    Xana nyimba ya ka mdzenga yona yi nghenisa Ku yini eka xivongo xa ka valoyi? Hi twa leswaku I nyimba leyi kulu eka tinyimba hinkwato ta ka valoyi, kambe Ku hava laha Ku vulavuriwaka hi yona.

  42. OUMA

    Leswi swi vulavulaka hi Jeffery Madanci i propaganda yo lava vu hosi a hi swona, Loko kuri kuna vaka Baloyi a Pitori valo dyiwa. Why a siya vaka Xakamani na Xitsavi, lava va kumekeka a Rivolwa na Elim.
    Vaka Valoyi va le Riverplaats na Valdezia

  43. Jeffrey Madanci Xidlavuta Changamire Baloyi

    Ndzi lava ku mitsundzuxa leswaku Valoyi vaka nwamitwa ahivona nyimba leyikulu ya Changamire(Cangamela,Varodzwi) Varodzwi kumbe vaka Baloyi Mathevula kumbe Mathebula i ndyangu wa Changamire Dombo yena hosi yo sungula ya Varodzwi a landzelela hi Gwamba(Gwambe na Dzavani) Va Gulukhulu i vatukulu va gwamba. Valotzi va Valobedu i vatukulu va Changamire. Vanyayi i vatukulu va Changamire Mkhalnagana(Khalanga) I nwana wa Changamire. Valoyi vaka nwamitwa tani hi Valozi va Bulobedu vasuke e Present day Zimbabwe loko Changamire a kurisa Vukosi byakwe a pahakela vana vakwe leswaku maphutukezi vanga dlayi ndyangu lowu wu felela. Vuhosi byaka nwamitwa tani hileswi vati vitanaka Valoyi vaka nwamitwa iva ndyangu lowuntsongo navona Vaka Makhuva iva Muti lowu landzelaka Muti lowukulu wunga the great House of Changamire vona ava sukanga e Zimbabwe kambe vana va yindlu leyikulu lava ava fanele kuva vona Tinghanakana ta Changamire va salele endzhaku vaaka Epitori vanga lavi ku vanga Vukosi. Kikokwalaho na namuntlha vaka nwamitwa na Makhuva vangeke vaku vona iTihosi ta Varodzwi hinkwavo hikuva yindlu leyikulu ya Changamire yikona yi sale hi vatukulu va loyi anga sala a dyondza ehansi Ka Cecil John Rhodes na yena a thyiwe vito ra Gulukhulu leswi anga vakokwa wa vaka Makhuva na vaka Makhuva va Thyile tata wa Makhuva Gulukhulu nava Magulasavi. Hi ndlela leyi nwana wa rikotse wa Gulukhulu Mativula ya Nwana wa Changamire loyi a nga sala Ezimbabwe u thyiwile Vito ra William Mathevula a kulela e present day Polokwane eMuletji a teka eka Khumalo yena na vaka Mongwe va vuhosi byaka Mongwe e Mozambique lava vativulaka leswaku ivaka Manyique hikuva va xavisle vukosi. Namuntlha vatukulu va William Mathevula vakona epitori Nhloo ya Muti lowu ya Varodzwi hi yena ahlayaka matimu lawa kunga Madanci Xidlavuta Changamire Baloyi

  44. Anonymous

    Tani hi hi vu tivi lembi ninga byona xivongo Valoyi xihuma eka Kokwana gwambe, loyi anga tswala Xivondze(mkansi) Na Lowani Na van’wañi votala kambe anitwi hita vona eka matimu lawa. Who ever wrote this must do a research and stop lying to people.

  45. Anonymous

    Tani hi hi vu tivi lembi ninga byona xivongo Valoyi xihuma eka Kokwana gwambe, loyi anga tswala Xivondze(mkansi) Na Lowani Na van’wañi votala kambe anitwi hita vona eka matimu lawa. Who ever wrote this must do a research and lying to people.

  46. Nyanisi Khalamazu Elias Mathebula

    Ndzitswariwa hi Makhoseni Mathebula ,ndzintukulu wa Nyanisi ndzintukulu Xi nguve wa Munene .ndzixiuke xa Mujengelengendze .Hivutivi lebyitsongo ndzinganabyona kokwana Mujengelengendze avari Muzambique ndzingatsaka loko vangavakona vaka Valoyi Mathebula lavanga vaka navuxokoxoko lebyingapfunaka

  47. Thlarihani Baloyi

    Baloyi Mathebula Makhuva Valoyi. Kuna swivongo swo tala ngopfu swa VaTsonga like Simango Maringa Xilowa Gilikhulu Xivodze Malata na votala lava ninga varivala mingo vangenisa nwina miva tivaka,kambe la I vaTsonga Valodzwi vito ra Valodzwi ri huma riva xivongo kusuka ka Changameri loyi anga yena mudavuri wa ririmi ra Xilodzwi kunga vaka Valoyi,kambe loko hi fika la Gazakulu hifike hi kurisa Xitsonga hi vula vula Xitsonga hina hi Vatsonga not machangani nwina machangani minga phata swanwina na hita phata swa hina

  48. Rhulani Nkuna

    Nikombela ku basisiwa eka leswinga tshahiwa la hansi. Xana Manukosi ahi yena Soshangana?

    “Soshangana and Manukosi were the two Zulu Chiefs / warriors”

    Xana Vutsonga byi thyiwe hi Valoyi ke, basisani?

    “The nest of the group reached Indian Ocean in the east and settled in Mozambique and named their new territory Vutsonga.”

  49. Hulela Mugwena

    You cant be talking Valoyi clan without talking King Rhozwi from Zimbabwe or then Rhodesia, please revisits your history and find some facts.

  50. Thabo Baloyi

    Loko mi nghena, swi ta njhani mi tiphata hi va ka Nxumayo? Ma swi vona ku hava laha hi hlanganaku na va ka Nxumayo kambe loko mi tiphata mi ti ndhundhuzela hi vona

  51. Hulela

    Leswi prove leswaku a Hi MANI na MANI a nga va Ka nwa matimu. hambi vinyi va xivongo a va titivi Hi Ku hetiseka. leswi a Hi matimu ya va Ka Baloyi kambe ko va propaganda yo lava Ku legitimate ndyangu wa Ka N’wa Mintwa tani hi tihosi ta va Ka Valoyi. loko a mi tiva matimu a mi ta vula swinwana Hi Gwambe…va Makhuva.. Mukasi, Mathevula na Makaringe etc….Na mhaka ya nyimpi ya le Xihaheni hambi va akelana va va Ka Valoyi clan eMoz na vuakelani bya vona na Valovedu. Endlani vulavisisi mi tshika Ku teka ti chance. Elias Manukusi I munhu unwe na Soshangani, leswi swi prove swinenenene Ku a mi titivi kumbe ma loloha Ku research tani hi yindlu ya vukosi kumbe mi na agenda ya nwina. NB Hosi Hi Xitsonga I Nganakana..swa va Ndabezitha I Ku rilela vungoni na vuzulu.

  52. glory Baloyi

    vuhosi I bya wanuna,wansati njhani hiku va loko a tekiwile a nga ha ri wa ka valoyi,se byi kula njhani vuhosi kwalani? a hi landzelela ni ndhavuko, hinga hlanganyiseli democracy na ndzhavuko.

  53. khalanga

    Endzhaku ka male be ya tsandza vahlayi ni ti twa ni chichiwe xiyimo eka nfdzuti lowu aniri na wona. Xidemokirasi xi onhile vuhosi bya xintu.ku fumiwa hi wansati xem

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